Now you can download the video with rtmpdump Die arte +7 Mediathek ist geknackt. Ziehen Sie sich Kultur direkt auf die Platte! Wir haben das Download-Tool MediathekView für Sie und erklären Ihnen Schritt für Schritt, wie Sie Sendungen aus der arte Mediathek herunterladen. Or you simply use this greasemonkey script over here If you want to download Videos with Subtitles to MP4, AVI, MKV on Mac and Windows,you will need Allavsoft, the best downloader, to help you. Oh wow I am very happy that i found this topic. I have a site and dont have any idea how to bring all of the json stuff together. I hope that this topic is not only for arte video streams. What I looking for is a direct url to the japanese live channel Music On! TV. After I try to get the url I found finaly the json file. This is the link to json: And here is the content of json:

{“state”:2,”uid”:”1B27D19536BE9C738C528F451C90117E”,”vid”:”A6098B5855D00D3D814571194FE1EABF”,”cid”:”82E3629A1866A000001C6BFBD8220FB6″,”audited”:1,”enable_hls”:0,”name”:”MUSIC ON! TV”,”description”:”103-2″,”tags”:”CS325ch,$LIVE_CAT_CS”,”ccount”:null,”timeshift”:null,”rate”:0,”rate_count”:0,”page”:null,”movie_level”:0,”running”:1,”running_delta”:21,”substreams”:[{“id”:”5F86807742A63CD32321743390FBE395″,”backup_id”:null,”state”:2,”live_id”:”lv1″,”live_sid”:”lv1″,”path”:”/X4/aA/X4aAd0KmPNMjIXQzkPvjlQ==”,”audited”:1,”width”:1024,”height”:576,”datarate”:466,”vcodec”:1748121140,”acodec”:1633772320,”player1″:null,”player2″:null,”player3″:null,”lang”:null,”record”:1,”encrypt_code”:”5Q/abwJR/uiJ0vpUvE4Rzw==”,”def”:”主码流”,”thumb_ver”:2,”running”:1,”running_delta”:21,”format”:1718646304,”http_url”:””,”p2p_url”:”rtmfp://”,”rtmp_url”:”rtmp://”}],”downloadable”:false,”sc_tk”:”3Q096ulfsK19LsmHBU0BBpOlaBYwEFJC7o3EicdErzzFEf4C40airMA4icVdwKGF0QAwhoKpHz2CHEckHJ9+jw==”,”code”:”OK”,”type”:”live”,”play_host”:”″ ,”play_host_rtmfp”:”rtmfp://″}

I`m really sorry for the confusion. The stream can only be opened with a flash player. I would be very happy if someone could tell me which way to go.

Der Download aus der “arte +7” Mediathek bereitete lange Zeit Probleme. Dabei warten gerade dort interessante Reportagen, spannende Sendungen und kulturelle Highlights, die man vielleicht gerne öfter als einmal genießen möchte.