The agent, as a transfer agent, records the transfer of the economic shares of the shares from time to time after the delivery of the documents that the agent deems necessary to demonstrate the transferor`s power to make such a transfer and, if necessary, to prove that the transfer taxes are paid. All shareholders are entitled to accurate information about their holdings. While some companies choose to act as their own transfer agents, others choose third parties such as trust companies, banks or other similar financial institutions. These companies receive royalties for their services. Transfer agents also send shares to investors after a share split. For example, if the company has a 3-to-1 share split, each shareholder receives two additional shares for each share they already own. On the other hand, if a 10% share dividend is paid, the transfer agent would issue an additional 10 shares to shareholders holding 100 shares. The initial duration of this agreement is one year and will come into force. Subsequently, this agreement is automatically renewed for one (1) consecutive year, unless Netcapital or agent notifies the other parties in writing that they intend to terminate the agreement.

Netcapital or the issuer may terminate this agreement at any time for any reason. Such a case is defined and is limited to “intentional misconduct, negligence or other performance of the agent, which can be clearly proven as lower industrial standards than generally accepted standards.” The agent may terminate the contract at any time for any reason. Such a case is defined as “intentional misconduct, negligence or other provision of net issuers or capital that can clearly be proven to be industrial standards below those generally accepted.” Transfer agents work closely with registrars to ensure that investors receive their interest and dividends on time. Transfer agents must also send monthly investment returns to investment fund shareholders. The agent is authorized, without further action by the issuer or netcapital, to appoint as a successor a company or company that, by merger, consolidation or other means, agrees on the activity of the transfer agent and registrar (this company or company is referred to as “successor”); The successor with the same authority and designation as those contained in this Agreement, as if the issuer had appointed him transfer agent and registrar. The successor, if appointed, is the agent of the issuer and not an agent of Worldwide Stock Transfer, LLC. The agent undertakes to cooperate and provide the information and assistance reasonably required by the successor to fulfill his obligations as successor and registrar of the agent. Regular and privileged shareholders have the right to vote on important corporate decisions, such as merger activities and the sale of businesses. These votes are facilitated by transfer agents who send agents to shareholders. THIS AMENDMENT TO CUSTODIAN AND TRANSFER AGENT AGREEMENT (“this ” amendment”) is set up from July 12, 2019 between BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN – CO., a single limited partnership organized under new York State law (“BBH-Co.” or, if referred to as a director, the “Custodian” and the “Ta”) , is organized in accordance with Delaware state law and is registered on behalf of each of its portfolios with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investment Corporation Act of 1940.

The issuer undertakes to immediately submit on the portal any change in the issuer`s certificate of creation (or form of incorporation) (or enterprise or partnership agreement) which, after the date of the agreement, is printed as true, accurate and complete by an authorized delegate of the issuer, and that this change is fully in effect and takes effect on the date of certification.