Students must meet one of the following bachelor`s standards in order to be admitted to a four-year public institution in Texas: the admission or transfer committee to the university where you pass is made up of admissions delegates and faculty members. Normally, this group decides which credits will be transferred and in which category your transferable credits will be transferred based on the information provided by you and your former university. The Act (19 TAC 4.28) provides for the guaranteed acceptance of transfer credits for Texas Core Complete transcripts, while private and non-Texan universities do not guarantee the same agreement. Students with a credit of at least 10 years can apply for admission to the UNT regardless of this academic work. Before adoption, contact the UNT Office of Undergraduate Admissions. UNT is a bit difficult for early admission applicants, then later in the spring and summer, they open the flood doors and leave people in the occupancy of places. If you go immediately to North Texas and don`t want to think about a university community, contact an admissions counselor a little further. There is no system in Texas that allows admissions officers, counsellors or counsellors to obtain information about courses and course adequacy for transmission. If a summer passenger or student decides to continue at UNT, the temporary or summer visit status ends and the student must meet all the admission requirements of a new transfer student before the second semester of UNT registration.

Temporary students who wish to continue applying must submit a formal application and official transcripts of each university or university before the priority date. When a student first applies as a regular transfer student and is denied admission, the student cannot change the type of candidate to a temporary student or summer visit. If they are ready to be transferred to UNT, students will complete the Texas Common Transfer Application and pass on all required academic credentials to the university`s admissions office. The Texas Common Transfer Application can be completed online or International students will benefit from additional admission requirements UNT representatives will contact students and provide information on the services and resources available to participants in the Collin/UNT partnership agreement prior to admission. UNT recognizes school curricula at home and works with home school students when admitted to university. Students who are taught at home must submit an official copy of their transcript at high school, along with their SAT and/or ACT scores. Each candidate at home school is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We feel for you how to navigate these difficult times. We hope you and your family will find ways to celebrate your incredible achievements while staying healthy and safe.

If you are not sure if you meet our admission requirements, if you have not yet adopted SAT or ACT or if you have not been able to resume or if you do not have an official high school grade, contact us so that we can help you with options. For more information on admission to the UNT, please contact an admissions counsellor at 800-868-8211, 940-565-2681 or Credits for courses of purely technical nature may or may not be transferred. The likelihood of credits being transferred is higher if the majority of the courses you took were part of the core curriculum and were taken at a regionally accredited university or university.