The unit will be responsible for the management and supervision of work support staff. It may also be responsible for providing important support and advice to the head of school and the school board in a timely manner, as well as establishing an effective link on behalf of the school with the general school community, the Ministry of Education and Training, and other government authorities and service providers. 7.9 The right to enter into an agreement under this clause is in addition to a provision relating to an agreement between the employer and an individual worker, which is included in another term of this sentence, and should not affect it otherwise. Minister Hall on Tuesday released a new education policy that does not respect the government`s intention to move to a new performance evaluation system in the near future. The main feature that distinguishes this position from ES 5 through a wide range of support services is its leadership and responsibility role in carrying out a major project or program within a school or school group. 30.1 The employer may grant sabbatical leave to 80% of a worker`s salary, provided that the worker agrees to reduce his salary by 20% for the working time in question and the worker who enters into an agreement with the employer on the terms of the sabbatical. 19.3 A teacher is entitled to reimbursement of reasonable travel and incidental expenses incurred when he participates in a job interview for a vacancy at a public school that can reasonably be expected to lead to his transfer or employment without a pay increase (without compensation) at that school. The SWS Wage Assessment Agreement refers to the document as required by the Ministry of Education, Employment and Labour Relations, which records the worker`s production capacity and the agreed rate of pay 7.6, unless the agreement is provided for in point 7.4 (c) which must not require the consent of anyone other than an employer and a worker. (a) by the employer or worker who gives the other party 13 weeks` notice and the agreement that is no longer in effect at the end of the notice or 7.5 An employer must give a copy of the agreement to the worker and keep the agreement in the form of a timebook and salary.

But the government denies doing anything wrong, and department secretary Richard Bolt wrote to all principals on Tuesday to dispel the “some misunderstandings” of the “strong comment” that has followed regional principals` presentations to principals in recent weeks.